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No matter what style of home you own. We have a pool that will be the perfect complement to your backyard landscape. You can choose from many shapes or designs for the perfect match to your home and budget. We also offer plenty of add-on options that will turn an ordinary pool into a masterpiece! Natural waterfalls, lighting options, fountains, spa spillovers, and many more additions all help to create the backyard setting that you want.

We are committed to offering high-quality pools to all our customers. Our pools are built to last using equipment and techniques that have been proven to be reliable and safe. A full warranty protects each pool, and we stand behind what we build. Please contact us for more information.

We have always served our customers with honest, dependable pools and pool products. Our professional construction crews take careful steps to ensure that each phase of pool construction is performed correctly and in a timely manner. Even special details are shown the attention they need to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you are ready to create that perfect backyard getaway, contact us today for more information.

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Some Client Feedback

We met Ty from TNT Pools and Spas in 2004 after TNT Pools put in a pool at my neighbor’s house across our fence.  As we watched our neighbors enjoy their pool that Summer I reached out to Ty and his staff at TNT Pools the following Spring and had him come out tell us about his pools.  We’d interviewed several pool companies and decided on a fiberglass pool because of the shifting soil/earthquakes in Oklahoma.  Almost all of the gunite pools we’d looked at had cracked from the shifting soil issues, the fiberglass had not.  TNT Pools was straightforward about the build, and price, and was concise on their timeline with the caveat of weather (rain) as being the only delay, should it come up.  They were onsite for about a week, and had to dig through heavy limestone but got our pool installed in time (approx 9 days).  We went with a salt system (Zodiac LM24) and have never looked back.  The beautiful backyard, an enhancement to our property, and the use of the pool were so worth it.  When your house becomes the favorite house for your kids and their friends it’s so much easier not to worry about where your children are at when they’re just outside the back door.  When it comes to service after the sale Ty and his staff are second to none.  We’ve had to replace a pump (they go out after many years) and the sand in our filter changed, it was just a quick call and TNT’s staff was promptly at the house.  I have recommended Ty and TNT Pools and Spas to many friends who have had pools installed at their homes, and all of them have had the same experience, very satisfied.  Thank you, Ty and TNT Pools and Spas for building our pool 16 years ago, it still looks great and has provided us with so many memories and many more to come!

Mikel F.
Oklahoma City, OK

TNT Pools installed my fiberglass pool almost ten years ago and I am convinced they build a superior product. Ty Brown did everything he promised and did it on time and on budget. I’ve owned swimming pools for most of my life but had never owned a fiberglass one. Not only was it less expensive than gunite but it requires less maintenance (algae doesn’t stick to the walls for one thing) and the surface is far better. They also last longer. I can certainly recommend TNT Pools with no reservations – they do an excellent job.

Barry G.
Edmond, Oklahoma