Add-on Options

Water Sheer Feeds

As a norm, we do not build the surround that the water sheer sits in but what you do need is the plumbing so that the sheer is recirculating pool water. Can also provide the sheer.

Waterfalls Feeds

TNT can provide the plumbing so that you can build your dream waterfall no matter the size, while recirculating pool water  Typically we have our clients contact a landscaper to work with us so that your pool can be built promptly. 

Slide Feeds

Let’s be honest slides are a blast! TNT does plumbing for pool slides so that the slide recirculates pool water, and valves at the equipment for more or less water flow to the slide. Eliminating clutter and trip hazards such as garden hoses. There are several types of slides on the market check out for a bunch of cool designs!

Pool Deck Shooters

Deck shooters are not just for the visual pleasures, they also help to cool the pool down as-well as aerate the water. The noise they produce is soothing, loud enough to drown out most outside noise turning you back yard into a tranquil, relaxing oasis.


TNT presents you with Amoray lighting! Leading in the industry Amoray lights are 100% corrosion free, and come in 3 different sizes 8″, 10″, and 12″ these lights have you covered for any mood/occasion even pool parties that can take you back to the disco days! These lights are 12v with remote control and contain no glass making them safer and more shock resistant from the impact of swimmers or pool toys.


No one likes a cold pool… well at least not here at TNT that’s why we are pool guys! looking to open up earlier in the spring, or even take the chill off in the fall to extend your season? From gas to propane and even electric we can find something that suits your needs. 


Is a softer way to chlorinate your pool, at times chlorine can leave your skin itchy, dry, an irritated. As with salt can leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, studies have shown that salt water is better for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, an also with acne as it acts as a sterilizer for the skin. 


Safety is everyone’s number one priority in the off-season, here at TNT we specialize in the Installation and customization of Coverlon covers. From flow through to hardcovers TNT has you covered!