Why You Should Choose a Fiberglass Pool

Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is the material that has modernized swimming pool renovation. It is the ideal way to contain water. This material is well known for its durability, and unlimited application possibilities. It can be used virtually anywhere that water containment is required.

Uses Fewer Chemicals

  • Acid is rarely (if ever) used, so chlorine use is significantly less. A fiberglass pool typically uses about 70% less chemicals each month! Algae can only bow on (not in) the surface of a fiberglass pool and simply wipes off with a wall brush to be circulated away.

  • A natural chemical reaction occurs between plaster and water, causing alkalinity from the plaster surface to leach out into the water. This reaction constantly alters the pH value. Acid or soda ash plus additional chlorine is used to combat the constant change. Algae that grows form within the pores of the plaster must be removed with muriatic acid. At a cost of $60-$80 per month, pool service companies make a good living maintaining gunite pools. Many fiberglass pool owners find caring for their pool so easy, that paying someone $60- $80 per month is completely out of thequestion! 
  • Many fiberglass pool owners find caring for their pool so easy, that paying someone $60- $80 per month is completely out of the question! Water chemistry can be intimidating enough, without the pool working against you. A fiberglass pool is easy to maintain no degree required!

Uses Less Electricity

  • Gunite pools typically require many hours of circulation. The rough, porous surface slows down the water movement significantly. Dirt adheres into pores of plaster, so more brushing and vacuuming is needed to keep the pool sparkling clean! The older (and rougher) the pool gets, the longer it takes to circulate the water! The smooth surface of a fiberglass pool is an ageless beauty!

  • Typical fiberglass pools circulate completely in just a few hours each day Because the satin smooth surface provides little resistance to water movement, water circulates much more quickly and with fewer hours of pump operation in a fiberglass pool. With no pores in which dirt can settle, fiberglass pools look and stay cleaner too.
  • Higher electrical costs are rarely calculated into overall price of pool, but they should be!You may already cringe when the electricity bill arrives, but choosing a fiberglass pool can make this increase easier on your pocketbook!

No Renovations to Pay For

  • In addition to their monthly pool payments, gunite or vinyl pool owners use cash or their credit card for renovations, BUT, fiberglass pool owners enjoy peace of mind knowing their initial tax-deductible pool loan covers it all!

  • Fiberglass Resurfacing – $0

  • Fiberglass pool owners never pay for renovations!

  • A properly maintained surface of a gunite pool is expected to last 7-10 years.

  • However, with each acid wash, a layer of plaster is etched away, requiring resurfacing that plaster surface much sooner

  • Typical Plaster Resurfacing: $5,500

  • Well-maintained vinyl liners may need relining every 4+ years.

  • Adverse pH conditions and strong ultraviolet light, rapidly deteriorate vinyl liners, reducing their lifespan drastically.

  • Typical Liner Replacement: $3,100

  • These renovation costs are repeated over the life of the pool. Is the smaller price tag on that vinyl or gunite pool really less expensive?